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New Releases - Including A New EP in the Works!

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

When it comes to to the cutting edge of Dance music, legendary New York City record label Nervous Records always has you covered. The first label to recognize and champion our very own SAMURI DJs, Nervous has announced the release date for SDJs new single, "The Calling Featuring Kevin Aviance" for February 15th 2019, and is now available for Pre-Order on Traxsource.

What's Next!

Following the February release of "The Calling" Nervous will release Samuri DJs next project, their first ever two track EP to be entitled "The Paying Them Dust EP", which SDJ member Uri Dalal claims as a triumph dedicated to every DJ who's ever struggled in the business.

The EP is set to include the much hyped track "Hyper-David", inspired by Marvel Comics graphic novel Legion, about a man who has always been told he's insane and kept in mental hospital against his will, only to discover he's the most powerful being on Earth.

Hyper-David: The Video

To Celebrate the release of The Calling and Hyper-David, SDJs put together two video clip 'commercials' for your enjoyment that can be seen here!:

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