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Two Genres Contest

Soooooo... we received an invite to participate in this "Two Genres Contest" presented by Mixed in Key. According to the contest rules you have to have invented a new genre like Avicci when he crossed Country with EDM (blech) and came up with that awful song.

We decided to enter our favorite remix that we've done to date which is Alien Love by our favorite guitarist on earth, legendary Goth pioneer Daniel Ash of Bauhaus, Tones On Tail, Love & Rockets and most recently Poptone. After hearing our bootleg remixes of his earlier material, Daniel Ash reached out to us (as you already know if you read our blog lol) and asked us to remix his newest! We combined Danny's goth with our House and this was the result:

Our friend and mentor DJ Junior Vasquez loved it so much he asked if he could open his upcoming Gay Pride event with it in NYC last summer in which we of course agreed!

We initially wanted to enter our latest remix of one of our favorite bands of all time Bauhaus' track "Kingdom's Coming" as well but couldn't include it because we don't own the rights to it lol!

We don't really care if we win as you know they never pick anyone good in these contests but the potential for exposure is immense so we need your help! please visit our Soundcloud page and like the track! Don't forget to follow us!

- SDJs

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