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Samuri DJs Sign Release #4 with Nervous Records

"...THIS IS HOW you build a decent catalog," says Saam Dalal.

"... we've been around the scene forever, but we're not interested in the past which is why we've changed our name and are starting from the ground up.

The track is called "Nobody Listens To Techno!" and according to Saam was inspired by some avant-garde opera they discovered and the amazing yet bizarre choreography of Twyla Tharp in the film version of the Broadway play HAIR, specifically the performance of "Ain't Got No".

"...we gagged at the whole sequence of dancing on the stairs in Central Park and said we should do a track where everything is chopped up and garbled yet somehow on beat and funky," says Saam.

This is the third track in a row Nervous has signed by the duo, the first being the monster "BANG, DA BEAT!" which featured the legendary SAMURI collective member Kevin Aviance and remixes by Crookers and Douglas Greed.

We are just about to drop the follow-up to BDB, which has an even bigger vibe and thunderous drums called "Hyper-David" which was inspired by the Marvel TV show "Legion" of which the DJ duo are huge fans.

"...we're gigantic Marvel Comics dorks, and even bigger X-Men fans and we think Legion Season One is hands down the best Marvel show on TV.

The other track "The Calling" features the brilliant Kevin Aviance which Uri has high hopes for as the track, "...just wrote itself... it's different and really special and I think it might be bigger than expected because it's just all attitude and larger than life!"

"Hyper-David" and "The Calling" are to be released in early November 2018 (TBA).

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