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Weekend at JOON-YA's!

Just kidding! We just thought it would be a funny title. Aside from remixing and remixing and remixing, we had a lot of DJ stuff to do this week. Ever wonder why we're not playing out at the moment? It's not because we can't get a gig, (we hope lol) it's because we're working on so many projects! We have no intention of being some flash in the pan, we're in this for the long haul and to do that you need TRACKS, produced by YOU, the artist, and that's what we've been up to!


Here's the run down of what we've been doing:

1.) Nervous Records signing:

The boys at Nervous Records have signed two new tracks of ours, one being the Techno banger "Hyper-David" which was born out of a love for Marvel Comics and the great show on FX "Legion", and the other is a ridiculously dope track that we did with the legendary nightlife performance artist Kevin Aviance called "The Calling" which we really hope will hit hard this year and feel it has the potential to be big big big!.

2.) Daniel Ash Remix

As I'm sure you know our remix of Goth pioneer and absolutely brilliant guitarist Daniel Ash's (of Poptone, Love and Rockets, Tones on Tail and Bauhaus fame) new single "Alien Love (So Good To See You Again)" absolutely brought the roof down at Junior Vasquez's sold out NYC Pride event this past June, and we're working on getting that single released because the demand has been high.

3.) Remixes for Junior Vasquez's Pride Event

For Junior's pride event at the Playstation theatre in Times Square he commissioned two collaborations with us - one being our all time favorite Arena classic: "Living it Up" by Ricki Lee Jones and the other being a secret title that Junior didn't get to unveil in time for the event but loved so much we're all working on it more to get it polished up and released!

4) Kevin Aviance Album

We've been lucky enough to work with an icon, a legend, an all around brilliant performer, the amazing Kevin Aviance, and we're absolutely humbled to say that Kevin has asked us to produce two tracks on his upcoming album (release date TBA), one of which you can already see right here on YouTube.

5) Kevin Clash Remix

We promised poor Kevin Clash a remix of his reworking of the David Bowie classic, "DJ" but haven't finished it and we're hoping he's not too mad at us for not finishing it yet even though we want to tell him we promise it's almost done!

5) We Need a MANAGER!

We've been trying to find a manager to help us manage everything! You know anyone? Send them our way!


We've also been visiting and consulting with our mentor, the brilliant icon legendary DJ Junior Vasquez and doing our usual discussing music and the state of the genre and blah blah blah. Whew! I didn't realize we were so crazed! If you'll excuse us we'll get back to work!

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