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Junior Vasquez & Samuri DJs are Living It Up

Recently our good friends the Samuri DJs had the privilege of helping friend, mentor and DJ icon Junior Vasquez compile music for his sold out Pride NYC set at BRÜT's Brutally Proud: Concrete Jungle event in Times Square NYC this past June.

In addition to helping compile and track down some unique and hard to find items in Junior's incredible vault of music (only Prince's famous Vault is as big or as extensive so goes the rumor), he asked them to rework two of his most famous productions for the event, one of them being their absolute favorite classic Arena anthem "Living It Up" by Rickie Lee Jones.

"...we ( Samuri DJs ) had been working so hard on the mix that the anxiety caused Uri to have a dream where he says he was watching Adriano Celentano's famous 70's song "Prisencolinensinainciusol" -the performance with the amazing dancing - but they kept doing the same move over and over and over in a loop while 'Living It Up' was playing. This was so hilarious to us we decided to make a real video of Uri's dream!" says Saam Ishi. " Junior loved the video and gave his blessing to post it and he also wanted to give you this tease bit of rework of the Arena classic which will be released at a later date TBA says a source close to Junior.

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