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Daniel Ash mailed us our autographed copy of his new song 'Alien Love' and we received it today 4-16-8!!! SO COOL Love and Rockets was not only my favorite comic book growing up, it was also my favorite band. Talk about a band that was just as good if not better live than on vinyl - gee whiz they always sounded amazing and were so much fun to go hear and see.

We recently caught Daniel Ash's new/old band POPTONE (whom no doubt also get scolded by the world wide web powers that be for also writing their name in all caps as we do) at Irving Plaza in NYC. Poptone is a retrospective project, featuring Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, a huge influence on my drumming style, and Diva Dompé, revisiting the music of Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love and Rockets, which along with Prince and the Ramones was my whole teenage existence.

You can purchase 'Alien Love' here.

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