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Sooooooo we are such huge fans of Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, Love & Rockets and most recently POPTONE that we decided to do something a little bold and ask legendary goth guitarist Daniel Ash to like our SAMURI DJs Facebook fan-page, and much to our surprise, he did!

Now that's how to repay a fan for over 30 years of support - you throw them a bone! Of course we promised not to act like jerks and harass Danny because that would be rude, stalker-eqsue, and just plain nuts. We did, however tell him how talented we think he is, as his guitar style is so original and innovative that we feel he doesn't get the credit he deserves! He as an artist is such a huge influence on who we are, the way we play music as SAMURI DJs, and how we try to approach music, to have him acknowledge that we exist means the world.

Thank you so much Danny. It is greatly appreciated.

We've remixed two of Danny's tracks (without permission but we do make sure there are links to purchase the original material included in the liner notes) recently but we aren't sure if they've ever reached him. Either that or he hated them! We're hoping at some point we can have him send us guitar stems for our remix of Tones on Tail's 'You, The Night, and The Music' at some point. We have a brilliant guitarist friend in Andy Averbuch who replayed Danny's parts (nailed them to be precise) but we decided not to use them because we feel it can and should only be one person playing them, so we wait with our fingers crossed.

That being said, in honor of our favorite guitarist of all time we'll post them here for a limited time only!

In the meantime, click the image below to download

Daniel Ash's new single 'ALIEN LOVE'!


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